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Utilities & Energy

Utilities & Energy

The Utilities and Energy industry is seeing a lot of change. The growing adoption of smart meters for facilitating two‐way communication between companies and customers is one of the biggest changes that it has seen. The growing impetus to power generation planning, accurate forecasting, improving customer experience and many such factors will grow demand for data analytics. Our offerings for Utilities and Energy industry drive performance and show a scalable approach to success.

Our Approach

Customer Analytics

  • Customer segmentation
  • Minimizing customer churn
  • Cross-sell and up-sell analysis
  • Customer acquisition

Outage Prediction

  • Detecting outages in specified areas
  • Predicting the influence of weather conditions on grid

Smarts Meter Analytics

  • Detailed analysis of power demand pattern
  • Optimal service bundle based on customer demand
  • Smart grid theft

Operations Analytics

  • Predicting key equipment failure and breakdown
  • Dynamic energy management in smart grids

Asset Management Analytics

  • Asset lifecycle pattern and factors driving failure
  • Predicting cost of maintenance of underperforming assets
  • Predicting outage occurrence based on historical data

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