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Retail analytics focuses on churning out insights related to sales, inventory, customers, and other pertinent aspects of retail business. Retail analytics is all about making better business decisions, achieving efficiency, and delivering improved customer satisfaction. DSL touts itself as your partner of choice that can help deliver on all of the above with our Retail Analytics practice.

Our Approach

Loyalty Analytics

  • Customer segmentation
  • Identify and reward loyal customers
  • Personalization

Forecasting/Demand Sensing

  • Analyze demand Patterns
  • Create forecasts using internal and external data
  • Analyze forecast accuracy performance

Personalised Offerings

  • 360-degree customer evaluation
  • Targeted advertising
  • Customer sentiment analysis

Portfolio Management

  • Ideal portfolio for each store format and location type
  • Maximize cross sell and upsell
  • Measure and track category performance

Price & Promotion Analytics

  • Dynamic pricing to grow/maintain share
  • Optimize marketing spends across brands in portfolio
  • Campaign ROI analytics
  • Targeted promotions

Store Analytics

  • Loss prevention and shrinkage analytics
  • Replenishment planning analytics
  • Workforce optimization
  • Space planning
  • Shipment scheduling

Services by Data Science Lab

Analytics Advisory

Develop and Implement solutions


Provide your data and receive the result

Managed Services

Dedicated Services and support hosted at our location

Experiential Learning

Build a culture of learning with our experiential learning workshops