Data Science Lab



Our healthcare practice focuses on showing key trends into disciplines like hospital management, operation costs, patient records, and more. It helps healthcare businesses operate better using smart visualizations and actionable insights.

Our Approach

Patient Engagement & Satisfaction

  • Detailed customer profiling for tailored messaging & retention
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • Designing relevant care plans basis patient behavior pattern

Managing Customer Data

  • Digitization of customer medical history and data
  • Accelerate diagnostics and treatment decisions through machine learning algorithms

Medical Image Analytics

  • Detection of disease conditions through image processing

Resource Optimization

  • Managing bed inventory
  • Optimizing resource utilization

Services by Data Science Lab

Analytics Advisory

Develop and Implement solutions


Provide your data and receive the result

Managed Services

Dedicated Services and support hosted at our location

Experiential Learning

Build a culture of learning with our experiential learning workshops