Data Science Lab

Key Functions

Analytics Offerings by Functions

Our analytics offerings allow businesses to measure, manage, and analyze performance indices. Overall, leading to increased operational efficiencies and data-driven decision-making across the enterprises.  DSL strives to serve its customers organizations across all stages of the chain bringing in real value to the table.


  • Loyalty and campaign analytics
  • Market segmentation , market basket analytics, next purchase propensity, upsell and cross-sell analytics
  • Customer lifecycle value analytics, customer churn, customer micro segmentation
  • Website reporting - traffic design, analysis, and implementation
  • Website analytics - path and conversion analysis, A/B multivariate test, persona creation based on buying behaviour, campaign ROI
  • Social media analytics - identifying influencers, customer sentiment analysis, competitive bench marking


  • Workforce analytics – voice of workforce, on demand customized dashboards, training effectiveness on workforce
  • Employee attrition analytics – forecast likelihood of Key talent attrition
  • Text analytics – capture employee pulse and sentiments based on what they speak about the company in the social media


  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Profitability analysis
  • Pricing optimization
  • Value based pricing
  • Multi-company analytics

Supply Chain

  • Warranty cost & claims analytics
  • Demand forecasting, inventory optimization, sourcing and supplier performance
  • Optimize transportation and logistics cost, warehousing and distribution


  • Salesforce coaching, deal coaching, account coaching, salesforce segmentation by performance
  • Account and territory planning, sales incentive planning, selling cost optimization
  • CRM analytics, sales forecasting, deal winnability predictive modelling

Services by Data Science Lab

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