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Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Our years of experience in the Advanced Analytics space has had us follow a robust methodology that is a sure-shot road to success. An innovative and out-of-the-box approach can help you go above and beyond simple analytics.

Our systematic and superlative execution sets us apart as we bring in various stakeholders together, understand their unique challenges and deliver a holistic analytics strategy across the enterprise. Our plug-and-play solutions bring in a definite advantage and reduce time to market in spite of being highly customized. All in all, we understand what the customer needs and we deliver it. 

Take a look at how we go about delivering high customer experience, today and always.

Business Understanding

Brainstorm with business users to identify potential use cases for data analytics.

Data Gathering

Identify data sources and pull relevant data to build analytics data-marts.

Data Cleaning

Address the inconsistencies in the data.

Data Exploration

Deep dive into the data to understand what insights can be generated.

Data Visualization

Create data visualizations to better understand relationship between variables of interest.

Feature Engineering

Construct more meaningful features out of raw data.

Data Analytics

Choose appropriate machine learning technique (Predictive Modeling, Forecasting etc.) Train relevant models.

Continuous Monitoring

Schedule model runs to provide predictions at selected intervals. Monitor and tune models.

Services by Data Science Lab

Analytics Advisory

Develop and Implement solutions


Provide your data and receive the result

Managed Services

Dedicated Services and support hosted at our location

Experiential Learning

Build a culture of learning with our experiential learning workshops