Data Science Lab

Data Protection

Protecting Your Data

From our extensive experience, we fully understand the importance of protecting your valuable and confidential data. Our global presence and exposure also equips us with a deep understanding of national, global, and cross-border regulatory requirements around data (such as GDPR). 

Our Approach

Privacy by Design

At Data Science Lab (DSL) we believe in ‘Privacy by Design and Default’ – a philosophy we practice ceaselessly to ensure data privacy is intrinsically woven into every touchpoint – be it people, processes, or systems. For us, data protection is not just about adherence and compliance, it is about fiercely protecting your trust in us.

Client-Driven Privacy

Our access control protocols/systems ensure we strictly adhere to all rules set by our clients while working on their private cloud/virtual private network.

Secure Cloud Environment

All the client data-related work takes place on our secure cloud environment. This environment can be accessed only by authorized team members with restrictive access. No client data or work is stored on company-provided devices.

Monitoring systems and procedures

Our system detects actual and attempted intrusions into our secured environment containing client information. Periodic reviews are conducted to evaluate all entitlements for application environment access.

Physical Access Controls

Strict restrictions at physical locations containing client information, such as buildings, computing facilities, and records storage facilities are maintained. There is a segregation of duties and thorough employee background checks are also conducted.

Information Security

  • Minimal data collection
  • Data anonymization wherever possible
  • Robust data security
  • Regular data backups
  • Data erasure and disposal

A Cultural Privacy

Above all, we regularly coach our employees on the importance and various facets of data/IP security and privacy. Over time, we have built a ‘Culture of Privacy’, so that clients can trust us with their most valuable asset  – Data.

Services by Data Science Lab

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Develop and Implement solutions.


Provide your data and receive the result.

Managed Services

Dedicated Services and support hosted at our location

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Build a culture of learning with our experiential learning workshops.