Data Mining using R

Data mining is digging massive quantity of data to discover golden nuggets of knowledge. This course will teach you to effectively use various data mining techniques to come up with valuable discoveries.

Course Outline [Duration: 3 full days]

  • Getting started with R
  • Data Preparation
  • Pre requisite to Predictive Modelling
  • Introduction to Data Mining
  • Regression analysis : Simple linear regression
  • Multiple linear regression
  • Logistic regression
  • Decision Tree
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Clustering Techniques
  • K nearest neighbors
  • Introduction to Text Mining


Students or professionals with knowledge of basic statistics concepts


I am so pleased that I chose Data Science lab as the kind of attention and support being provided here would not have been possible elsewhere. Ms. Preeti Pandhu is an excellent teacher and a great mentor. The knowledge and guidance I am receiving here is priceless. It has been a wonderful experience so far. I am extremely thankful to her for all the hard work and dedication.

- Dhaval Popat (ICICI Bank)


I am studying "Be Data Smart" course in Data Science Lab. Preeti is an ideal trainer who pays attention to each and every doubt and endeavors to clear them immediately. She pays individual attention and makes sure to proceed ahead with the course only when the student completely assimilates the content. With her I am assured that I will learn both R and Statistics and also learn the means to apply statistics through R to solve complex business problems.

- Kaustuv Baral (KPIT Technologies)


Many thanks to Preeti for designing a wonderful course on Data Science which is not only perfect for experienced professionals but also equally good for people who want to venture into this field. Being an experienced Data warehousing professional I found the course meeting all my learning objectives and is excellent stepping stone towards Analytics which goes hand in hand with DWH. I wish Preeti all the best in all her endeavors.

- Debashish Nath (SAS R&D India)